Academic Support

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The Study Skills Program

The study skills program offers assistance with time management, study skills, reading comprehension, and writing.

The Study Skills Office is located in the Class of 1964 Teaching and Learning Center on the second floor of Main Building. The office is open during the academic day and by appointment. If your child would benefit from additional study skills support to assist them as they adjust to the rigors of the curriculum, please email Dean of Academic Life Richard Davis or call him at (860) 435-3186. Alternatively you may email Study Skills Coordinator Jane Herold or call her at (860) 435-3206.

Additional Support Options

  • Study Halls - A two-hour period each evening is set aside for studying. Most students study in their dorm rooms, but some preps and lower mids with identified needs will be assigned to study halls.
  • Extra Help - Faculty members are always willing to meet with students who need extra help.
  • Peer Tutors - Tutors are available to help students in specific disciplines.

Academic Accommodations

To read the School's disability policy, visit the Almanac. If your child requires accommodations due to a disability, please forward documentation to Dean of Academic Life Richard Davis or call (860) 435-3186Alternatively you may contact study Skills Coordinator Jane Herold or call (860) 435-3206. The comprehensive documentation provides a framework for establishing the accommodations that students with disabilities need to access the School’s academic and residential offerings and assists the School in its understanding of how a disability may impact a student. Additionally, the documentation process assists the School in making consistent, informed decisions with regard to student accommodations. Each situation will be considered individually to understand the extent to which the student is impacted by the condition. The Class of 1964 Teaching and Learning Center, under the oversight of the Academic Office, coordinates academic accommodations and facilitates the provision of services to students.

The Hotchkiss School is committed to assuring equal access to all School programs and services and complies with state and federal disability nondiscrimination requirements. Consistent with these requirements, the School pursues the goal of equal access through the provision of reasonable and appropriate accommodations to otherwise qualified students with disabilities. Under this policy, a student with a disability may be entitled to reasonable accommodations. Disabilities include, but are not limited to, mobility and orthopedic impairments, sensory impairments, psychological disorders, chronic health impairments, and learning disabilities. Please note that while a request for accommodations can be initiated at any point in the school year, accommodations cannot be applied retroactively.

Standardized Testing Accommodations

The College Board (PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams) and the ACT offer nonstandard administration of standardized tests for qualified students. Applying for accommodations on standardized tests is a separate process from that which is used at Hotchkiss to determine eligibility and accommodations on our own school-based tests and timed assessments. While the School will assist students and families with the documents that are required when requesting accommodation from external testing agencies, all applications and appeals are the responsibility of the student and family. If the College Board or ACT declines a student’s request for accommodation, the school does not initiate or coordinate the appeal process to the College Board or ACT. If you have questions about the process of applying for accommodations on standardized tests:
Follow this link for the College Board
Follow this link for here for the ACT
For more information, please contact Dean of Academic Life Richard Davis or call (860) 435-3186.