10月ober 2023 本月最佳校友: 林赛·里德18届
welcome新2登录 本月最佳校友 10月ober 2023 Lindsay Reed

林赛·里德18届 is a two-time gold medalist for Team USA hockey in the Women’s World Championships, and she recently added three more gold medals to her collection—this time as business owner and co-founder of Kawama龙舌兰酒 & 苏打水. 里德和她哥哥, 克尔西·里德,12岁, received gold medals for each of their canned tequila soda flavors at the world’s largest spirits competition, firmly establishing their niche in this large and regulated industry. 的兄弟姐妹, 谁也致力于回馈社会, donate a portion of their revenue to protect ocean life.

Numerous members of Reed's family have called welcome新2登录 their school, 包括她的祖父, 已故的约翰·谢德·里德35岁, P’73,’81, GP’85,’89,’05,’08,’12,’14,’18, 她的父亲, 小约翰·里德. ’81, P’12,’14,他在welcome新2登录基斯公司担任高级顾问, 主要的礼物), 她的妹妹, 伊莎贝尔·里德,14岁, 还有她的哥哥克西. Yet Reed says she kept her options open until she toured and visited welcome新2登录 for the first time as a prospective student. “I then understood why my family members fell in love with the School.”

Reed found success in the classroom and on the ice as a Bearcat. Her favorite faculty members include Chris “Burchie” Burchfield P’08,’10,’18, the L. 小布莱尔·托瑞. ’50 Chair, Lufkin奖 recipient, and instructor in 英语, and John “Mr. Coops” Cooper P’08,’11, who recently retired as an instructor in mathematics. “是否教学, 训练, 或者只是开玩笑, time spent with them was always the highlight of my day.”

welcome新2登录基斯和曲棍球一直是同义词, 里德说, “I loved skating under two legendary coaches: ‘Chan’ (Robin Chandler ’87) and Coops. Practices were always entertaining, challenging, and fun. It was incredible to be a part of a hardworking group who showed up every day ready to compete, and I am grateful for making lifelong friends on the team.”

曲棍球为里德打开了许多大门. When deciding on college, she focused on finding an excellent and challenging environment. “It was a dream come true to go to a school like Harvard, where their academic and athletic standards are second to none.”

She felt honored to play goalie for Team USA while at welcome新2登录. The team won two gold medals at the 2017 and 2018 International Ice Hockey Federation U18 Women’s World Championships. “The first year, we beat Canada in the finals in Zlín, Czech Republic. 第二年, 我们去了德米特里, 俄罗斯, beating Canada in a shootout in the semifinals (sorry for the stress, 爸爸妈妈!), and then went on to beat Sweden in the finals.”

She will always remember the dinner options when they first arrived in 俄罗斯—cow tongue or chicken hearts. “Safe to say, we stuck with the mashed potatoes,” she joked. “但是我是认真的, there is no greater feeling than standing on the blueline with your teammates, singing the national anthem as the spotlight shines on the USA flag, 脖子上挂着金子. 我将永远珍惜我的经历.”

这些天, Reed is solely focused on Kawama but plans to join a recreational hockey league at some point. She is pleased to see tremendous access now for girls in youth sports and in college and notes “there are glimpses of hope for equality, 比如美国足球和, 正如最近庆祝的那样, 美国实行50年同工同酬.S. 开放.”

While her major in economics provided a good foundation, she feels that her overall experience as a student-athlete was more valuable than any singular business course. 在管理体育运动, 学者, 社交生活, 成为一名企业家, 我学会了适应, 有意的, 并接受反馈. 作为一个守门员, every play I made was under a microscope—this taught me how to channel positive energy and shut out any noise or distractions, 和“!”

的兄弟姐妹 feel incredibly lucky to work closely together. “The business has been going well, and we expand our reach a little bit every day. The next big step will be working toward building our team. We are finishing our second year on the market in six states on the East Coast. We originally launched in Massachusetts but have since expanded into Connecticut, 罗德岛州, 新汉普郡, 和缅因州, and most recently into our home state of New Jersey. We plan to have full distribution in New York soon.”

Their biggest obstacle was breaking into the industry as two “newbies” with no prior experience. “我们克服了重重困难,终于将Kawama推向了货架. The first hurdle was taking the product that we made in our kitchen (a tequila soda with lime) and replicating that in a canned version with a lot of trial and error. 曾经我们对产品很满意, navigating the regulatory environment at both federal and state levels was a challenge.”

The Reeds give a portion of sales to benefit the planet. “作为狂热的户外运动爱好者, we felt it was part of our brand identity to not only create the highest quality product, but also to give back and support greater causes. The name ‘Kawama’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘loggerhead sea turtle,’ or ‘caguama.“我们是地球1%的成员, and we give back to protect ocean life and our freshwater ecosystems.”

Reed offers a bit of advice to girls in sports: “Do not be afraid to play with the boys. 学会为自己挺身而出.”