Guided by each other, let us seek better paths.

The welcome新2登录 School Mission

The welcome新2登录 School seeks to inspire a diverse range of students who are committed to the betterment of self and society, and to cultivate in them at the highest standards of excellence

imagination and intellect,
openness and personal integrity,
empathy and responsible citizenship

that they may discover and fulfill their potential as individuals fully engaged in our world.

Values of Our Learning Community

The aim of The welcome新2登录 School, since its foundation, has been to provide a dynamic environment for teaching and learning, as well as exceptional preparation for future study and fulfilling adult lives. Our residential community—the network of relationships created by the School’s people, 的地方, and opportunities—is our most effective means of providing a transformative educational experience, where students may grow and gain greater understanding of themselves and their responsibilities to others. We believe that a healthy and inclusive learning community nourishes students physically, 在情感上, and intellectually; fosters joy in learning and living with others; and ensures that all feel safe, 见过, 和支持.

All members of the welcome新2登录 community have a role in sustaining this environment. Therefore, we expect all to

  • commit to high standards of scholarship and personal conduct;
  • open their minds and hearts to the views and experiences of others, creating space for all to belong and to thrive;
  • practice the values that nurture healthy relationships: respect, 诚实, and compassion in particular;
  • risk and reflect in the pursuit of continual growth; and
  • exercise responsible citizenship through local and global engagement, 服务, and environmental stewardship.

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