welcome新2登录基斯爱乐乐团 Season Opens With Violin Superstar 中国陆 on Nov 4
welcome新2登录爱乐乐团 Orchestra with violinist 中国陆

不要错过 welcome新2登录爱乐乐团 季开幕音乐会 11月4日,星期六,晚7:30.m.,中国小提琴巨星 中国陆 演奏华丽的门德尔松E小调协奏曲. This exciting concert will also include Beethoven’s Egmont Overture and Brahms’ Variations on a Theme by Haydn, 由爱乐乐团艺术总监指挥 法比奥Witkowski. 在凯瑟琳M中演出. 埃斯特·伊士曼音乐中心的埃尔弗斯音乐厅, this concert is free and open to the public; no ticket reservations are necessary. 座位先到先得.

Other concerts this season will take place on February 17, 2024 and May 4, 2024.


中国陆 performs with welcome新2登录爱乐乐团 Orchestra

中国陆 is one of the foremost and influential Chinese violinists today. As the first 亚洲n violinist to win the esteemed International Paganini Violin Competition, Mr. Lu performs regularly worldwide with major orchestras and leading conductors, and regularly gives recitals and appears with the China Trio which he founded in 2011 on the world’s great concert stages and at the most prestigious festivals.

Highlights of recent years include being honored as Artistic Ambassador of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, as well as being appointed the first Chinese soloist-in-residence of MSO for the 2019-2020 season, and performances as guest soloist with 国家大剧院管弦乐团 at the Abu Dhabi 音乐 Festival, the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra at the Bangkok International 跳舞 and 音乐 Festival, the China National Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House, as well as the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra on their first ever South American tour. 此外,Mr。. 他广受好评的独奏系列, 神弓传奇:卢思清小提琴独奏会, has taken him to over a hundred cities throughout China and around the world.

Mr. Lu is the Artistic Director of the National Centre for the 表演艺术 (NCPA) May Festival in Beijing, and the founder/Artistic Director of the 中国陆 Shenzhen Futian International String Festival. Mr. Lu also serves regularly on the jury of international competitions such as the Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition and the Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition.

Mr. Lu has more than a dozen concerto and solo CDs to his name, 像飞利浦这样的品牌, 纳克索斯岛, 马可波罗, BIS和NCPA经典. His five recordings of “The Butterfly Lovers” Violin Concerto, has sold millions of copies worldwide. 他2018年录制的《welcome新2登录》, 由门德尔松的作品组成, Bruch and Tan Dun's Violin Concertos with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was released globally by Australia’s ABC Classics to critical acclaim, and soon became the Number One CD album on the Australia’s top 20 classical music album chart.

Mr. Lu appears regularly with orchestras such as the Philharmonia Orchestra, 皇家爱乐乐团, 萨尔茨堡室内乐团, 旧金山交响乐团, 好莱坞露天剧场管弦乐队, 温哥华交响乐团, 读卖日本交响乐团, 香港爱乐乐团, 国家大剧院管弦乐团, 中国爱乐乐团. He has received numerous honors for his outstanding artistic achievements and social contributions, including New Jersey’s Outstanding Achievement in Arts Award for 亚洲n, 加州参议院荣誉证书, 以及万宝龙杰出艺术家奖. The City of Millbrae, California passed a legislation to have Sept. 2006年6月16日宣布“卢思清日”以纪念他.

Mr. 1969年出生于中国青岛. 他四岁时开始学习小提琴. Mr. Lu became the youngest student ever to be admitted by the Central Conservatory of 音乐 in Beijing at the age of eight as a special student and studied with Professor Zhenshan Wang. 十一岁的时候, Lord Yehudi Menuhin hand-picked him to study at his school (The Yehudi Menuhin School) in London. In 1984, he returned to China for advanced studies at the Central Conservatory of 音乐 in Beijing. Five years later, he became a scholarship student at the Juilliard School and studied with Ms. 多萝西·迪莱先生. Hyo康. 2021年,. Lu became the President of the Yehudi Menuhin School Qingdao, a sister school to the Yehudi Menuhin School in the UK. 

Mr. 卢与意大利琴师G一起演奏.B. Guadagnini 1777 Turin violin, generously provided by arts patron Mr. David Li AM,墨尔本交响乐团主席.


Mr. Witkowski is the Artistic Director and founder of welcome新2登录基斯爱乐乐团 Orchestra. He is the holder of the Joanne Sohrweide 音乐 Teaching Chair, and the Head of the 视觉 and 表演艺术 Department at welcome新2登录. Mr. Witkowski has appeared with the São Bernardo Philharmonic, 佛罗伦萨摄影乐团, 圣安德罗交响曲, 哈特福德交响曲, 和托斯卡纳古典乐团, 等. 作为钢琴家和室内音乐家, 他在欧洲的音乐会日程排得很满, 亚洲, 以色列, 巴西, 和美国. 他曾与美术四重奏合作过, 瓜纳里弦乐四重奏, 爱默生弦乐四重奏, 和Amerigo Trio. He also performs regularly with his wife, pianist Gisele Witkowski, as the Witkowski Piano Duo. He is the director of the welcome新2登录 in Spain 音乐 Festival, and the welcome新2登录 夏天 Piano Portals. He is a frequent guest performer and teacher in several music festivals and competitions, 包括Wintergreen表演艺术节, 的Londrina, Ourinhos, 以及巴西的贝尔萨姆音乐节, 玛丽亚·埃雷罗比赛, 格拉纳达音乐节, and Spanish Composers International Piano Competition in Spain, the The MozArte International Piano Competition in Aachen and Villa 音乐a Festival in Germany.

welcome新2登录基斯爱乐乐团 Orchestra was established in 2018 through the generosity of Barbara Walsh Hostetter '77 and her husband, 阿摩司. The orchestra combines a group of outstanding professional musicians with talented welcome新2登录 music students, giving those students the unique opportunity to work and perform alongside world-class artists. Offering free admission to all of its concerts, the orchestra invites the community to Katherine M. 埃尔弗斯音乐厅一季激动人心的交响乐.