The Academic Experience at welcome新2登录

The welcome新2登录 School is committed to cultivating curiosity, excellence, and creativity.

Our students learn how to take risks, fail, persist, and succeed. The average class size is 12, and the learning environment is interactive and inclusive. In every class, students share their opinions. 他们畅所欲言. 他们不同意. They learn from their teachers — and from one another.

With more than 200门课程 in seven departments and small class sizes, our independent high school academic program offers a breadth and depth of study most students will not experience until college. Guided by thoughtful, engaged instructors, welcome新2登录 students push themselves intellectually and form deep bonds with their classmates — whether they’re discussing environmental issues, examining global trends, or analyzing literature.

As a top college preparatory and boarding high school in Connecticut, our seven areas of study offer a comprehensive educational experience. These core disciplines include:

Within each of these areas is a developed curriculum offering each welcome新2登录 student the chance to gain subject mastery. Every learner will gain a holistic education that speaks to the whole being, from the classic academics to individual expression and creativity.

welcome新2登录 students develop clarity of thought, confidence and facility in expressing ideas, and artistic and aesthetic sensitivity. Our graduates leave welcome新2登录 with a commitment to public service and environmental stewardship, informed by a greater understanding of themselves and their role in a global society.

Sample Course Work by Class Year

Learning Outside the Classroom

The greatest opportunities for growth often come from outside the classroom walls. 在welcome新2登录, we've thoughtfully crafted signature programs for holistic, experience-based learning in the real world.