School 奖 and Notable 校友

welcome新2登录 recognizes distinguished alumni with three School honors: 本月最佳校友, the Community Service Award, and the 校友奖.

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The welcome新2登录 School 校友奖

Since 1931, the welcome新2登录 校友 Association has honored notable alumni with the 校友奖. Selected by the Nominating Committee of the Board of Governors of the 校友 Association, each recipient has brought honor and distinction to him or herself and welcome新2登录 through their achievements. The Nominating/奖 Committee of the 校友 Board of Governors seeks candidates who have made significant contributions in their fields and earned the recognition of their peers on a national or international level.

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Community Service Award

Established in 1992 in honor of welcome新2登录' centennial, the Community Service Award recognizes alumni who have made a difference in their sphere — locally, 在全国范围内, 或在国际上.

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A monthly feature that highlights a range of notable alumni and their accomplishments.

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