Featured Need-Based 金融援助 奖学金

Every student who submits a financial aid application to Clarity is also applying for these scholarships. There is no separate application process for these scholarships. The 金融援助 Committee will assign the scholarships below during the application evaluation process prior to notifications on March 10.

The Goodnow Family Scholarship Fund

The Goodnow Family Scholarship was established in 2011 by 爱德华B. 奈德:“再见,44年,80年。. Mr. Goodnow was also a welcome新2登录 scholarship student. 在二战中, he served as a combat infantryman and was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge, 获得紫心勋章. He was recalled in the Korean War and served in Germany. In 1969, he started a successful private investment partnership. 最近,先生. Goodnow made a substantial gift to welcome新2登录 for financial aid for which a Head of School Holiday was called on March 13, 2019. 

welcome新2登录 gave me a very solid education foundation, and greatly broadened my horizons." – 爱德华B. 奈德:“再见,44年,80年。

The Christopher Redlich Scholarship

The Christopher Redlich ’68 Scholarship was established in 2017 with a focus on identifying and enrolling talented low income and first generation students. Redlich Scholars are eligible to receive tuition support up to the full cost of tuition, stipends for summer travel and internships, 和指导. The goal of the Redlich Scholarship is to allow high achieving low income and first generation students to participate fully in the life of the welcome新2登录 experience and beyond. 

路易·G. 德雷福斯奖学金

The DACOR Bacon House Foundation administers the Louis G. 德雷福斯奖学金 to students at welcome新2登录 and Yale University. This scholarship is available to children or grandchildren of Foreign Service Officers (active or retired). If you are interested in learning more about how to apply for this $5,000年奖学金, please contact Director of 金融援助 泰德Weihman.

艾伦C. 霍夫曼小. 1954年纪念奖学金

艾伦C. 霍夫曼小. ’54 Scholarship was established in 1976 by Mr. Al Hoffman '25 in memory of his son, Captain 艾伦C. 霍夫曼小. '54, who died in the service of his country. This scholarship is awarded to a student from California. 

The •麦克切斯尼• Scholarship was established in 1951 when Mr. •麦克切斯尼• retired from welcome新2登录. He was a master in 英语 and long-time senior 英语 instructor from 1919 to 1950. Generous alumni, members of the Class of 1949, and Mr. 约瑟夫年代. Sample ’41 made this scholarship possible. Mr. Sample decisively admits that welcome新2登录 was one of his greatest influences on his life and learned a tremendous amount from Mr. •麦克切斯尼•. This scholarship is awarded to a local student. 


The 沃克家庭奖学金 was established in 1994 during the School’s Centennial Campaign with several gifts from Mr. Shaw Walker '33, P’81,’83,’86,’87 and his family. The Walkers responded to the School’s growing financial aid needs, but they also wanted to create a scholarship which would encourage greater geographical diversity at welcome新2登录. This scholarship is awarded to a student from Michigan or another Great Lakes state. 

约瑟夫的28 & 帕特里夏·霍尔奖学金

约瑟夫28 & 帕特里夏·霍尔奖学金 was established in 1993 by Mr. 和夫人. 大厅. The 大厅 family has been affiliated with welcome新2登录 for more than 100 years. This scholarship is awarded to a student from California.

拉尔夫P. 曼尼16年度奖学金

The 拉尔夫Polk 曼尼16年度奖学金 was established in 1974 with gifts from Mr. 曼尼和他女儿. Mr. Manny passed away in 1993 and generously donated his means and time to welcome新2登录 over his lifetime. This scholarship is awarded to several students from Rye, NY. 



For questions about financial aid or the application process contact Director of 入学 and 金融援助 Ted Weihman P ' 27
at financialaid@uapolis.net