Our highest priority at welcome新2登录 is ensuring the safety and well-being of every student in our care. We believe that a healthy and inclusive learning community nourishes students physically, 在情感上, and intellectually; fosters joy in learning and living with others; and ensures that all feel safe, 见过, 和支持. 

welcome新2登录 has numerous policies and programs in place designed to ensure student safety and well-being. These have been developed and implemented in consultation with independent professionals and reviewed by third-party experts. We maintain our commitment to creating an environment of safety and respect. 

学生 may bring complaints regarding violations of the School’s 道德操守守则, 任何形式的偏见, 欺凌, 性行为或其他不当行为, 以及其他形式的骚扰.

为学生提供的指导方针的完整清单载于 年鉴,每年更新一次. 


教职员工、健康中心员工和学生 所有员工每年都参加各种培训, 包括对监考学生的补充培训. Topics for adults include boundary training on adult-student relationships and support for students with respect to their gender identity or expression, 等. 培训 for student proctors includes programs focused on promoting healthy relationships, 旁观者干预, 青少年恋爱关系中的毒性和暴力. 


人类发展(HD)计划: These full-year courses meet once per week and explore health and wellness topics at three different levels. 在预科(九年级)那年, the HD curriculum supports preps' transition to welcome新2登录 and builds skills in social emotional learning. Lower mids (10th grade) explore topics such as personal and social identity, 身体健康和精神健康, 毒品和酒精, 关系和性. 除了, an optional program for seniors is being offered that is designed to help seniors prepare for their transition to college.

同意谈判: The sexual misconduct prevention and response coordinator and DEI director conduct these talks with each grade. Content includes safe reporting structures; the Community Conduct Council (CCC); age of consent; the role of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF); and other relevant topics.


预防及教育不当性行为谘询委员会: SMPE咨询委员会由welcome新2登录基斯校友组成, 性虐待和预防领域的专家, 校董会代表, 以及welcome新2登录基斯大学的现任教职员工作为联络人. The committee provides expertise with respect to sexual misconduct education, 意识, and training practices; identifying types of relationships, 住宅的现实, and patterns of behavior unique to a boarding school environment that call for particular 意识 of healthy boundaries; and providing historical context and experience with past issues of sexual misconduct on campus in order to inform current policies and practices.

This organization uses scientifically designed surveys to assess student wellness. welcome新2登录 partners with 真实的连接 to deliver a climate survey to students that anonymously captures responses spanning emotional well-being, 学术的幸福, 药物使用或滥用, 和歧视, 等. 于2020年秋季启动. 

观看家庭周末2021网络研讨会 (须登入welcome新2登录入口).

welcome新2登录基斯是“学习勇气”的成员学校, an organization dedicated to reducing incidents of sexual misconduct in schools and improving the responses of schools. 学习的勇气 is currently finalizing a school assessment that has included interviewing students, 教员, 高级管理人员专注于识别需求和差距. The organization will conduct an annual review and will work with the School on a 3-5 year action plan. 

强奸,虐待 & Incest National Network) undertook a comprehensive review of the School’s sexual misconduct education and response mechanisms, 包括现有政策, 协议, 和培训. 该审查于2018-19年进行. 执行摘要是可用的 在这里.


Screening was enhanced in 2017 to include a finger-print based FBI criminal history check, 儿童和家庭部(CT DCF)筛查, 以及过去的雇主筛选. 

刊登于 员工Handbook, 对全体教员的期望, 工作人员, 成人社区成员的轮廓, 包括照顾学生的义务.

刊登于 年鉴, this code provides guidance to all members of welcome新2登录 community regarding appropriate interactions among students and between adults and students.

All new employees participate in training upon hire on the requirement to report if they suspect or believe that a student has been abused, 被忽视或处于严重伤害的迫在眉睫的危险之中. 所有员工至少每三年接受一次再培训. 

Employees who observe or suspect behavior that does not conform to the School’s requirements have multiple means of reporting, 包括联系人力资源部, 社区行为委员会的成员, or a third party reporting service such as Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF).

The form is posted on a site accessible to all members of the welcome新2登录 community and is available for reporting incidents of bias of any form. 该表格一直并将继续被学生使用, indicating a growing level of comfort among students in surfacing experiences of bias. 


社区行为委员会(CCC): Membership includes senior administrators trained to fairly and quickly address complaints pertaining to sexual harassment or misconduct and to violations of the School’s 道德操守守则. 根据康涅狄格的法律, CCC被要求报告任何可疑的滥用情况, 忽视, 向儿童和家庭部(DCF). 

纪律委员会: The Discipline Committee (DC) comprises students who have been elected by their peers and 教员. 委员会采访学生和其他人来审查案件, 倾听当事人的个人叙述, 如果违反校规,决定适当的处罚. Disciplinary responses include: no action; a letter of censure; a warning placed in the student’s official School record; general probation for the remainder of the school year; and dismissal.  

健康委员会: 健康委员会由学生健康主任担任主席. Membership includes senior administrators representing all aspects of the school. 该委员会的重点是如何促进和支持学生的健康, 同时将健康项目引入校园. 另外, 该委员会也由学生健康委员会指导, which meets bi-monthly to discuss student wellness and to create programming for students.




  • 奥拉朱旺Rahim心理健康意识、抑郁症和自杀预防 
  • 马特Bellace, Ph.D., 富有洞察力的, 以科学为基础的, humorous approach to substance abuse prevention and mental health 意识
  • 内特·哈蒙,应对逆境,成瘾和心理健康



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