Writers and Writing

The Hotchkiss School

SESSION II: JULY 14 - 27, 2024

COST: $3,800


This Portal will focus on both academic writing and the personal writing students might do as independent authors. Through close reading of non-fiction, poetry, and short fiction, as well as daily free writing, discussions, and revision work, we will consider writing as a series of decisions and choices that follows inspiration. Creative non-fiction and short critical prose will comprise the written work. We will work at dispelling some of the mystery of the writing process, and we will go about this work with the seriousness of children at play. This course is ideal preparation for the writing and discussion-based exploration of literature that comprises much of the humanities work at independent schools.

All reading materials will be available digitally. Students will need a physical notebook, but the majority of the writing will be done through shared virtual documents.